I’ve been thinking about those things that everyone seems to love. Those things that when other people use them in their homes, you think “I wish I had that at my house” no matter who you are. I’ve been thinking about this since July (literally since my birthday) because I am nutty over Christmas.

Hopefully this list helps you when shopping for those toughies in your life, whether it be for your brother-in-law, coworker, or sibling who you never seem to get it right for. Of course Christmas is not about buying, it’s about love. So crack open that egg nog, take in the Christmas lights around you, and spend some time with your friends and family. But – hopefully this makes your Christmas shopping a little bit easier!

Wishing you a Merry love and joy-filled Christmas this year!

Wood Cutting Board

Locally made cutting board. These are beautiful keepsakes that everyone has a use for (even if they already have one!). The one above I got for Jay at the Fremont Market in Seattle. For one that is Canadian made I recommend this Custom Olive Wood one by Urban Country Living or, if you are feeling patriotic grab a province shaped board from Love My Local.  Price $40 – $60

Tobacco Candles

An unusual high quality candle such as this Tobacco & Patchouli Apothecary Travel Tin by PaddyWax. You can also get the larger size as well. Price $5-$20 (green vintage chicken candy dish coming soon to The French 75 store).

Milner Valley Cheese

A collection of locally made cheeses from a local cheese farm such as Milner Valley Cheese in Langley. I love cheese so of course this is something I would always recommend for everyone else as well. Specialties include goat cheese Fig Chevre, Milner Cumin Jack, and fresh Cheese Curds. Yum!  Price $7-$30

Double Walled 8 cup Stainless Steal French Press like this one. This is a splurge. At $80 it is a bit much but just think about all that coffee that will never go cold, and french press quality too! A great gift for a coffee lover.

Dolly's Delicious Treats

Locally made Garlic Whisky Jelly by Dolly’s Delicious Treats. Everyone in your life will love this “garlicky, tangy, delicious treat” that’s made right here in Vancouver. Also check out their Habanero Tequila Jelly for your loved ones that like the heat turned up. Just thinking about all the cheese I could pair with them… Price $7

An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails: 50 Classic Cocktail Recipes Tips and Tales

A cookbook/cocktail book for the entertainer in your life. Try:

An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails: 50 Classic Cocktail Recipes Tips and Tales for a refreshing look at everyone’s favorite drinks like The French 75, as pictured above Price $15. Or, Vijs At Home: Relax, Honey: The Warmth and Ease of Indian Cooking by local chef, Vikram Vij Price $25

49th Parallel Coffee

Locally roasted coffee. This may be my favourite gift ever to give and to receive because coffee equals happiness. Plus, if it’s locally roasted you are not only supporting your local economy but you are also getting something pretty darn unique. In Langley we have Republica Coffee Roasters who are awesome. My favourite Vancouver based roaster is 49th Parellel, their Longitude 123 W blend is delicious. JJ Bean is a very close second. Price $13

Vintage Fire King Set

Keepsake vintage item for your home like this 1960s Fire King ovenware casserole set from The French 75. Fire King kitchenware is sought after by collectors because of it’s quality and patterns. The Fire King brand started in the 1940s and was often sold in bags of flour as a promotional item. A wonderful, useable piece of the past. This set in particular reminds me of Don and Meagan Draper’s house from Mad Men, don’t you think? Price $32


Mrs Meyers Basil Cleaning Gift Bucket set. These earth-friendly household products are made with plant-derived ingredients and essential oils and smell amazing. This gift set includes Bar Soap, Liquid Dish Soap, Multi-Surface Concentrate, Liquid Hand Soap, and Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner in a free gift box. Unfortunately they currently don’t ship to Canada, I would recommend shipping to an across the border mail outlet and picking it up (don’t forget to get one for yourself too). It is sooo worth it! Price $32

Custom Home Return Address Stamp. As The Small Object puts it, this is “a custom address stamp with a drawing of your house! You send me a photo of your house and I draw a miniature version of it for your own return address stamp.” How amazing is that? You can find an example of one and a link to the store here. What a great keepsake that is totally unique. I think I may have to order one tonight…Price $78