Jay and I are so excited because we are leaving for Europe on Monday. We are travelling to England, Spain, and Croatia and are doing road trips in each country – it is going to be so great. We will be gone just about three weeks which means I will have to try to pack for three different climates and lots of activities in one suitcase.

Apart from being a tourist in Europe I’m also on a buying trip for The French 75 store which means I will be packing as light as I can so that I can bring back lots of vintage goodies!

Here’s some snapshots of my packing list for our trip:

Packing for England

England Packing

(not shown: tshirts, lightweight rain jacket, long sleeve sweater, comfy sneakers and booties)

Packing for Croatia & Spain:

Spain & Croatia Packing

(not shown are sandals, tank tops, pair of shorts, tights, and light weight dress)

Three weeks of toiletries:


Makeup Essentials:

Makeup Essentials

A few tips:

  1. Bring your Neutrals, not your Fun Stuff

You want to look good in your photos but if you bring neutrals you will have so many different combinations of outfits you aren’t going to get tired of what you wear

  1. Pack Lots of Layers

Tank tops, shirts, long sleeve shirt, and a sweater as well as a lightweight jacket

  1. Downsize your Toiletries to only your Must Have Everyday Items

Unfortunately I do depend on quite a few products but I’ll bring the mini size versions that I can throw away as I go and just the essentials for makeup making for much lighter luggage!

  1. Comfortable Shoes!

I have learned my lesson in the past – never bring new shoes on a vacation. Bring your good ol’ standbys that you can walk for hours in. Perferably comfy sandals and sneakers are the best

Don’t forget good reading material for the plane (I’m bringing a couple of short novels to dig into). For technology a good old (literally old) iphone is great for travel apps, and staying connected while abroad but splurge and also bring a good camera. Aaaand last but not least, snacks! Trail mix, homemade banana bread bites, and Mini Babybel cheeses are my favs.

That’s all for now, see you on the other side of the pond!