It is so easy to make your own DIY hair conditioner. This super simple recipe is great for your hair, scalp, and pocket-book. Before I tried it I was really skeptical, I have had my fair share of DIY fails in the past – but I’m a bit of a diehard for this stuff now. Also – you likely have the ingredients in your cupboard right now!

I’ve always been obsessed with hair products, having naturally curly hair I need them, especially a really good conditioner. I had no idea until I stumbled upon an article online that I could make my own from home. Making your own conditioner has so many benefits:

  • super cheap to make
  • works just as well or better than fancy conditioners (now sitting on the side of my tub, abandoned)
  • it really DETANGLES your hair
  • restores the proper PH balance to your hair and scalp
  • gets rid of dandruff
  • encourages hair growth
  • defrizzes naturally
  • all natural

What you may miss is fancy packaging and scents, and the lathering factor – all things you don’t need.


To make:

Mix 8:1 ratio of water to Apple Cider Vinegar. So, if you want to mix up a large batch mix 8 cups of water with one cup Apple Cider Vinegar. You are going to need a container big enough to fit this, I usually make half this in one go. After using it for a while you will figure out how much you go through in a week or two. You may want to make this amount so you have enough to last a few weeks.

I would recommend organic ACV but as you can see in the photos I didn’t use anything fancy, mine was also expired although it didn’t affect the results in the slightest.


Once you have mixed your ratio place in a jar or other container (with lid) that can fit by your shower (if you don’t have a lid your bathroom will smell like vinegar). I recommend washing out a ketchup, or relish bottle and filling it up with your mixture. This will be easy to use in the shower, as a jar can be a bit cumbersome and a spray bottle doesn’t dispense quite enough at once.

To use:

Shampoo your hair as usual, rinse. Take your conditioner mixture, coat the ends of your hair, now coat your front hair line (careful NOT to get into your eyes as it will sting), flip hair over and coat back hair line. Put a bit on the top of your head and massage into your hair. This is going to feel a bit weird because it’s not going to lather but just rub a little, gently all over. Leave in for 2 minutes, then rinse.


Your hair will smell like apple cider vinegar, don’t panic. This smell disappears once your hair is dry. The first thing I noticed when I started brushing out my hair was that it detangled REALLY well, like, surprisingly well. Also, my hair felt really light. The ACV removed all the build up in my hair and made it really shiny. The above picture shows how nice and shiny my hair was once it was dry. I’m really looking forward to using it again.

If you want you can change your ratios, but I don’t believe a more potent mixture is needed.

Enjoy your new homemade natural conditioner!