I am so excited to announce that The French 75 had it’s first order last week!

I love that our first item sold was a charming 1960s Faux Fur Wrap/Stole made by Sears.

1960s Faux Fur Wrap

A lot of people have been asking why I decided to start my own store and how I got interested in vintage items. Starting The French 75 was a natural process for me, but it seems pretty clear now looking back that my interest in vintage started because of the pictures of my beautiful mother and handsome dad honeymooning at Lake Louse in the early 70s.

Coolest guy ever Honeymoon road trip

They both looked awesome in every photo with their amazing fur coats, my dad’s awesome accessories, and my mom’s super chic pumps. My parents were my style icons.

Coolest dad ever Great style

When I was around 13 my mom and I found a box of their clothes in the basement from the 70s. I was mesmerized by the scratchy polyester, cut, and colors and the fact that all of these clothes were free for me to wear. I wore the 70s vintage pieces that fit me the best to school.

Awesome style

I still wear my mom’s fur coat my dad bought her on her honeymoon. I loved dressing up, everyone else thought it was super weird. A 13 year old in 70s polyester is a little weird.

That’s when it started.

It’s not that I like hunting for vintage clothes, furniture, and households items – I Love It.

Bundled up and ready to go!

Bundled up and ready to go!

The French 75 does the work for you. Every item is lovingly selected and when purchased, wrapped in vintage pattern paper and twine. Thanks Christine for being our first customer, I can’t wait to see which other things we find out there to become the next favourite item for your collection.