Jay and I welcomed in the New Year by watching The Hobbit in 3D at the VIP theatre with a bag of Chicago mix popcorn, peanut butter cups, and licorice. It was awesome. I am a bit sad to see 2014 end, it was a really great year for us. Jay and I survived #1 year of marriage, did some travelling, started my business The French 75 , adopted Pepper, and settled into our new home together.

Looking back on the year that has passed makes you think of what you want for the year ahead. While recently talking to a good friend about how “growing up” changes you I decided that my New Year’s resolution is to have my head in the clouds more. I’m going to make more time to do the things I LOVED in my teenage years that have somehow faded away.

The French 75

To start, I am going to reread my favourite books from my childhood: Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell and A Wrinkle Time by Madeline L’Engle that have been sitting in a box with my old Archie comics and Nancy Drew mysteries. I may flip those open as well..

I’m also going to finally learn how to play my accordion that I’ve been scared to touch. My goal is to be able to play (and sing) A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes from the original Cinderella. I’ll keep you posted!


Finally, Jay and I are going to spend our free time having fun renovating our “new” 2002 camping trailer that we bought a few months ago. More on our adventure to make our “new” trailer look “old” to come!

No matter your New Year’s thoughts and resolutions, I wish you a very happy and wonderful 2015 – one where you take the time to do those things you love or that used to bring you joy.

With love,

Liana xoxo