Every Summer I look up at those bulging, beautiful hanging baskets in the garden centres and sigh. They would make me SO happy hanging on my back patio. And then I look at the price tags, $50, $60 or $70 for the really great monster ones. Umm, thanks but no thanks! I just can’t stomach it. So this year I decided to make my own cheery hanging baskets using bunches of the same plant and color and I am so happy with the results!

Homemade, Inexpensive Hanging Baskets


Begonia plants – 3 x $3.00

Compost (used only part of the bag) – $8.00

Total: $17.00 (plus lots of extra compost for other projects)

Homemade Hanging Baskets

I used a basket from the previous year, but you can also buy empty baskets seperately. Ask around, chances are someone you know has a basket they aren’t using.

Homemade Hanging Baskets

I decided on yellow tuberous begonias because they are gorgeous, leafy, and the color is super vibrant. I am really loving yellow right now. Begonias also look really similar to roses and do well in hanging baskets, they like shady areas which is great for my backyard. Begonias will also flower all summer and will fill in and spread throughout your basket which means if you are patient your basket will get nice and full without you spending a lot of money.

Homemade Hanging Baskets

To make your hanging baskets you will need:

gardening gloves (believe me, it just makes the whole experience easier and nicer)

compost or soil

a basket

your plants

gardening spade (optional)

Homemade Inexpensive Hanging Baskets

Step 1: Fill your basket 1/3 full of compost

Step 2: Take out your plants and give the roots a slight twist

Step 3: Make a hole in your dirt and place your first plant, pack compost around the plant to secure it, repeat this step with all your plants (make sure not to squish in too many plants into one basket and read the instructions on the plant tags for watering information)

Step 4: Fill up your hanging basket with soil leaving a 2″ lip on your basket. This gives water space to hover before it soaks in to your basket.

Step 5: Water your basket with plant food & water. If you don’t have plant food just use water.

Homemade Hanging Baskets

Enjoy watching your beautiful, homemade basket grow!

Homemade Hanging Baskets

Homemade Hanging Baskets


We are already enjoying the beginning of Summer in our backyard 🙂Homemade Hanging Baskets

Homemade Hanging Baskets

I am loving the color the baskets bring to our backyard. I am also really liking the idea of the hanging basket “bouquet” that is one solid colour, it makes a great statement piece!

Thanks for reading! xo