I grew up in a western novel, with a real life cowboy for a dad. During warm summer months our family of six would pile into the truck and make the hour long trek up the valley and into the woods, down some bumpy backroads, and turn into a hidden driveway. Down the lane there is a corral and a gate, not visible to passersby on the main logging road. Past this and through the trees we come upon our 100 year old barn and cabin, surrounded by labrador tea bushes, wild strawberries, and meadows lined with aspen.

The cabin is still useable, though slowly sinking. It is warm and cozy during stormy weather with it’s original roof, logs, and 1920s kitchen. Past the cabin about 200 meters is Horse Thief Meadow. Before we were owners of the cabin, horse thieves would bring stolen horses here as a holding place until they were ready to be sold. There is also legend of hidden gold in the area, a story we think was told to us as children, and keep alive in our imaginations. This homestead, hidden and secure, will always be a place to escape the world and it’s troubles. You step into another era here, as it remains almost exactly as it would have felt and looked back in 1920.



Living here could not have been easy, but it would have been peaceful I think. There’s a creek nearby for water, and a wood stove. During this visit we collected labrador tea leaves, and yarrow to use in cooking. There is something so magical to me about a simpler life. It’s nice to escape for awhile.

Thanks for reading! xo

Model: Breta Schmalz

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