I was going through all my cameras and film on the weekend and noticed for the first time that I own 6 vintage film cameras and zero digital cameras (I use my iphone for digital shots). Is that weird?

I got into film cameras & photography when I was 17 and worked part time in my town’s local photo shop. I learned so much about mixing chemicals, developing film, and how vintage cameras work!

I thought I would share a few of my favorite cameras since they don’t get out often enough.

1951 Agfa Isolette

This one is probably my second favorite camera that I own. It is a 1950s folding camera. Agfa made this model from the 1930s – 1960s.

The Agfa Isolette is made in Germany (you can read this on the front camera stamp in the photo above). Early versions were known as the “Soldatenkamera” (soldier’s camera) in Germany during the war & fold up nice and small in your pocket!

1969 – Super Colorpack Polaroid Land Camera

This is a fun camera! Super simple to use & you CAN still get film for it on Ebay (Fujifilm FP-100C). Keep in mind each picture will cost you about $2 based on the cost of the film. I totally recommend this one for a date day & if you want some fun momentos.

I love the boxy look of the land camera! They have a cult following but there’s still tons around if you want one.

1960s inspired – Diana F+

OK, this one I bought on a whim. It is a reproduction of the 1960s cult classic Diana F camera. This camera is very unpredictable on how it processes light & shapes. It came with different colored filters & can also take pinhole shots. A great experimentation camera! Not a good choice for shooting a wedding however…

1984 PENTAX -A

A very lovely manual focus film SLR. This takes fantastic shots & with the flash is unstoppable.

1970s Canon AE-1

This one is my baby. The photos it takes rival any amazing digital camera – I swear to you. A friend of mine bought a high end SLR digital camera & we both took the same shots, after seeing my film they returned their digital camera -nothing can hold a candle this girl. The quality & affordability when released made this one of the most popular film SLR cameras to date.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my little collection. After bragging about my wonderful cameras I’ll have to share some shots with you – stay tuned!

Liana xo