1930s fashion is what dreams are made of. The flowing, feminine style of this era set the bar for movie star glamour. Many red carpet dresses are still 30s inspired and imitate the old hollywood elegance of stars like Carole Lombard and Ginger Rogers.

Dresses from the 30s were made to glorify and accentuate a tall and slender form. To do this the dresses were cut on a bias so that the fabric created a clingy, curvy shape. Many dresses featured full statement sleeves that intended to highlight broad shoulders and then draw the eye down to a tiny waist. When looking at the style, fabric, and shape of 1930s fashion this really is the most beautiful and glamorous of all fashion eras.

Amazingly, this era lived almost 80 years ago. Because these dresses were produced and worn during the time of the great depression, then after, World War 2 there are very few wearable 30s pieces that have survived. This makes owning a piece from the 1930s even more special – to cherish, study, and dream of this amazingly beautiful and difficult decade.

Here we have the lovely Jen wearing this 1930’s peach silk frock from The French 75 featuring lovely flutter sleeves and great art deco seam details. As you can see this dress follows the accentuated sleeve and bias cut rule of “clinging” to the silhouette.

How beautiful is this era? These shots perfectly reflect the era’s feeling of romance, glamour and hardship, especially when contrasted against this turn of the century brick home.

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Styling: Liana Swedahl, The French 75

Photography: Sarah England Photography

Hair & Makeup: Jen Vanderzalm, Dames and Dolls Makeup