It’s been going around the internet for quite a while now that you can take small black and white photos and enlarge them using a blueprint or engineering print setting for super cheap. I love big art projects and I couldn’t resist trying it out myself.

Large Art prints

I surfed through a big box of my dad’s western photos from the 70’s. He has lots of photos from his pack trips in the Ashanola mountains and lakes around the interior of BC. His shots of cowboys and horses against the rugged mountains are truly works of art, though very small measuring 3″x3″.

The French 75

I phoned ahead to our local Kinkos to see if they could use their Blueprint setting to blow up these shots. They were super helpful and we tried different sizes, settling on 1.5 feet by 2 feet for the photos. The first one we tried at 3 feet by 5 feet and although I love the big size it just was not clear enough for me to love. For such small sizes I think these photos blew up pretty well. The total cost of the project came in to just under $10 too! It’s worth trying out even if you don’t keep up the pieces forever.

The French 75The French 75The French 75The French 75 blog

I can’t wait to make frames for these and put them up around our house as art pieces. They are such great memories, and I love having my dad’s photos surrounding us.

Stay tuned for our super inexpensive project on how we are going to frame this big pieces of art! xo