Maile Duval’s character (played by Joan Blackman) in the 1961 Elvis hit Blue Hawaii has the best wardrobe ever and is one of my biggest style icons. Her character is half french, half Hawaiian and is a tour guide in Waikiki. Oh! and she is also Elvis’ love interest; I wonder why I drooled over her life as a preteen? From the first time I watched Blue Hawaii, probably when I was around 7 years old, I have wanted to wear vintage hawaiian print dresses and bikinis with matching swimcaps.

Being so obsessed with this film, I admit this movie is the reason why Jay and I went to Maui on our honeymoon (yes, it’s true!). My honeymoon wardrobe was also totally inspired by Maile’s character, and our trip to a pineapple plantation on Maui was a dream of mine since seeing this movie. I realize Maui is not Waikiki but it was close enough 🙂

Seeing this film for the first time is when I fell head over heels in love with both Elvis Presley and vintage. The matching swimwear outfits, amazing prints, and perfectly tailored 50’s style silhouettes have totally impacted the beauty I see in fashion. Plus the film is dreamy and beautiful to watch.

bluehawaii6 The French 75 Blog The French 75 Blog The French 75 Blog

Notice her matching red top and skirt? Well, the top is actually a swimsuit (insert heart eyes here)…The French 75 Blog

and this is the matching swim cap!

The French 75 Blog The French 75 Blog The French 75 Blog The French 75 BlogThe French 75 Blog

This blue dress is perfect.

The French 75 Blog

More amazing fashion from the film.

The French 75 Blog The French 75 Blog

Another matching suit and swimcap!

The French 75 Blog The French 75 Blog

Oh to be back in this era…

The French 75 Blog

I’m hoping one day an Elvis fanatic like myself develops The Blue Hawaii swimsuit line, I would buy them all!

The French 75 Blog

The French 75 Blog

I hope you’ve enjoyed a look at one of my biggest vintage style icons! Take a peek at some of our vintage treasures in our shop here:

If you need a little vintage romance in your life, I totally recommend watching the movie. I’ve seen it so many times and I never get bored of it. I mean Elvis and Hawaii, what more do you need?